Ten things to do while in Corner Brook

  • Top Ride the zipline in Corner Brook, NL

    Ride the high-flying zip line

    Get the best possible view of the stunning Humber Valley from 300 feet above ground at speeds of up to 80 km/h (almost 50 mph)! Of course, that’s only if you’re bold enough to look down as you zig-zag across nine zip lines over the 200-foot Steady Brook Falls.

  • Top Rafting on the Humber River near Corner Brook

    Ride the rapids

    Choose your craft—raft or kayak—and unleash your inner adventurer on the largest river in Western Newfoundland, the Humber. Take in the beautiful surroundings as you ride the gentle rapids. At Shellbird Island, keep an eye out for clues to the pirate treasure guarded by the Old Man in the Mountain.

  • Top Downtown Corner Brook

    Explore the heart of downtown

    Explore a picturesque city on beautifully groomed walking trails suitable for visitors of all ages and fitness levels. Stroll through the park, feed the swans at Glynmill Inn Pond, and experience the view from Three Bear Mountain.

    The trails wind through the heart of the city and connect to the downtown core. When you get back to town, rest your feet while sipping a cold drink at a downtown cafe.

  • Top Walk the earth's mantle in Gros Morne National Park

    Walk the Earth’s mantle

    Discover the raw, untouched terrain at the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park, often described as looking like the surface of the moon. Millions of years ago, the North American and North African continental plates collided, exposing the earth’s crust. This special site illustrates the theory of plate tectonics, one of the most important concepts in modern science and a major reason for the park’s UNESCO status.

  • Top Experience Newfoundland and Labrador's heritage in Corner Brook

    Immerse yourself in heritage

    A visit to Gros Morne National Park wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Lobster Cove Head lighthouse. For over 100 years, the beacon from this hauntingly beautiful lighthouse has guided fishers safely to the entrance to Rocky Harbour in Bonne Bay.

    After exploring the lighthouse, head to Broom Point and walk in the footsteps of the Mudge family and see the original fishing boats, traps, and fishing gear they used from 1941–1975.

  • Top Follow Captain Cook's trail

    Follow Captain Cook’s Trail

    Follow a 53km trail of traditional fishing villages tucked along the coast and experience the lifestyle of a people proud to call a rugged seascape on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean home.

    Explore a natural sea cave during low tide at Bottle Cove, at the edge of the South Shore of the Bay of Islands. End your visit on a high note with a mug up at a local church featuring Newfoundland berries, baked goods, desserts, and (of course) a lovely cup of tea.

  • Top Cruise the Bay of Islands

    Explore the Bay of Islands by sea

    Sit back and take in the Bay of Islands, a stunning freshwater fjord. Surrounded by ancient mountains and dense forest in every direction, you’ll feel like a true explorer, or maybe even one of the Vikings who first discovered North America right here in Newfoundland.

    Sail out into the bay past the many islands where Captain James Cook once sailed, each with its own fascinating attributes and stories. Learn about the province’s rich history through storytelling and folk songs.

  • Top Experience the Newfoundland Insectarium

    Develop a new appreciation for insects

    Feel the impossibly soft flutter of wings on your skin as you completely surround yourself by live butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion at the Newfoundland Insectarium, one of only two such facilities in eastern Canada.

    Watch thousands upon thousands of honeybees in the observation hive, or see a colony of ants going about their daily business. Study more than a hundred live and static displays featuring live tarantulas, giant cockroaches, and tropical leaf insects. Squeamish? Don’t worry... none of them are native to Newfoundland!

  • Top Step back in time in Corner Brook

    Step back in time

    Once upon a time, a visit to what is now Corner Brook’s community museum meant an overnight stay behind bars. In fact, you can still see those bars on the downstairs windows of this registered Heritage Structure.

    Today, this former jailhouse is home to the fascinating history of the Corner Brook–Bay of Islands area. Explore the outstanding displays and exhibits featuring an extensive collection of maps and memorabilia capture touching stories from the area.

  • Top Enjoy the tastes of Newfoundland in Corner Brook

    Taste Newfoundland

    Feast on cod tongues and scruncheons, fish and brewis (pronounced brews), flipper pie, jiggs dinner, and bakeapple or partridgeberry jam. Newfoundland & Labrador is home to some mouth watering, yet unique, culinary delights that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Many of the province’s traditional dishes were created out of necessity years ago when people had no choice but to depend on salted meat and fish to get them through the winter and wild berries and apples during the summer. These dishes remain popular today with family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

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