Below is a list of benefits of being a part of the Cruise Atlantic Canada brand and a member of the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association (ACCA):

Website: Members in all categories, except General, will be listed on the Cruise Atlantic Canada website with a hyperlink.

Familiarization Tours: Member tour operators and port/destination members of ACCA are part of an ACCA database for the purposes of familiarization tour opportunities as they arise.

Seatrade: Partner Ports will participate in the Seatrade Cruise Global (trade show, attendance at conference, not including travel expenses). Members of ACCA in all categories, except General, will have the opportunity for representation* at the ACCA pavilion. Numbers to be determined.

Sales Missions/Events: Members of ACCA in all levels, except General membership, will be invited to partner* in trade shows and extraordinary marketing events in which ACCA participates, such as the Seatrade Cruise Global.

Collateral/Marketing Material: Membership in ACCA in all categories, except General, will have exposure in marketing and collateral pieces as appropriate.

Industry Research: ACCA will from time to time conduct research such as the economic impact study. ACCA will collect data collected by ACCA partners for the purposes of sharing. The results of such research will be accessible through the Resource Library by members of ACCA.

Resource Library: Members have access to a resource library of research, industry information, and market trends and are also be able to contribute to this library. This type of material is useful for development of business and marketing plans.

Committee Participation: Members of ACCA on all levels, except General membership, will be invited to participate on task forces and committees.

Education Opportunities: Members can access ACCA membership on cruise sector expertise through mentoring programs, educational workshops and information sharing discussion groups to become market ready or to aid in cruise sector growth potential.

*Partnership in some of these marketing opportunities may be provided at a membership discount, with a nominal fee set by the board.

Mission Statement

Atlantic Canada Cruise Association is a regional partnership leading growth and development of the cruise industry to enhance Atlantic Canada's market position.

Growth of the cruise industry in Atlantic Canada provides broad economic benefits to Atlantic Canada through the expansion of port infrastructure to meet the needs of the cruise industry and through strategic marketing partnerships.

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