Ten things to do while in Saint Pierre et Miquelon

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    Celebrate Bastille Day

    Head to Place Generale de Gaulle for a full day of activities on July the 14th and commemorate the storming of the Bastille in 1789. See a historic restoration—join in on the fun and play some games. Finish the day by watching fireworks and tapping your toes at the outdoor dance.

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    Run a 25 km race

    Join as many as 400 runners who flock to Miquelon each June. It is a race of time with a limit of four hours, and can be completed by either running or walking.

    This “Miquelon Marathon” is also an opportunity for friends to cheer each other along the way, to enjoy a delicious barbecue held later on in the evening, and to meet for a weekend of socializing, physical activity, and friendship.

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    Dunfest & Rock N Rum Festival

    The Eklectik association is proud to present the Dunefest in late July, which will take place on the sand dune of Langlade. The program will include musical animation by local artists as well as a barbecue with a campfire and various animations during the day and the evening. In August, the Rock n'Rhum festival will make you vibrate to the sound of artists of Rock and Roll recognized on the international scene!

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    Explore the Marine Heritage

    Discover Saint-Pierre et Miquelon’s marine heritage. With islands surrounded by steep cliffs, Miquelon-Langlade offers a bounty of beautiful scenery to take in with its green landscape, clean sand, quiet peacefulness, and charming authenticity. Take a walk and just take it all in.

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    See a museum island

    Take some time to pay homage to Ile aux Marins, a museum island facing Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. This somber place is a unique testimony of fishermen of yesterday. Where 700 people once lived, there is no longer a single year-round resident.

    Step back in the days of the inshore cod fishery, which played a major role in every aspect of life for the people who settled here.

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    Feast on culinary delights

    Dine on gourmet delights based on French cuisine and prepared with local ingredients such as sea scallops, snow crab, foie gras, and bakeapples. Restaurateurs use the finest local ingredients and diverse preparation techniques to create outstanding French cuisine.

    Immerse yourself in an atmosphere specific to the French islands and notice the warm welcome you receive from your hosts. You can’t find such hospitality just anywhere.

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    Visit Miquelon

    Head to the village of Miquelon, known for its agriculture and aquaculture, and be sure to explore its church, museum and lighthouse. Discover the incredibly varied landscape of Miquelon Langlade. Delight in the summer village of Langlade with its sand dunes and, of course, its wild horses.

    A must visit when visiting the Village of Miquelon is the Nature Interpretation Center. Thanks to a highly interactive permanent exhibit, you’ll be able to discover the history, geology, geography, climate and biodiversity of the archipelago through four natural environments. You’ll also have a chance to enjoy eco-walks: guided tours that will introduce you to the plants and wildlife of the most magical sites on the archipelago.

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    Basques Festival

    This 100% Basque sporting and cultural event takes place every year in August. Throughout the week there will be traditional ball games (pelotta, pelone gum pleone, jokogarbi), which take place by a different team every evening.

    The highlight of the event is Sunday, when locals and visitors celebrate the music and gastronomy of the Basque country, participate in Basque games of force, and offer demonstrations.

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    Discover Saint-Pierre

    Grab your camera for some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find anywhere. With its French institutions and urbanism in a North American environment, the town of Saint-Pierre is truly a unique place.

    Explore the heritage and culture at a museum or on a guided walking tour through the narrow, colourful streets of the town—each with different themes.

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    Take an eco-walk

    Join a small group of others for an organized eco-walk along the paths of the archipelago. This is an ideal way to discover the local nature of the region. Discover the most beautiful landscapes, natural resources, and rich heritage. Learn more about local biodiversity and enjoy views of the most remarkable vistas.

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