Ten things to do while in Pictou

  • Top The beautiful replica Ship Hector

    Step aboard the Hector

    Head to Hector Heritage Quay and step aboard the beautiful replica Ship Hector. Explore this reconstruction of a ship that landed in Pictou, making it the Birthplace of New Scotland, in 1773.

    Learn about the historical voyages of the ship at the Hector Heritage Quay Interpretative Centre where you can also watch a blacksmith and carpenter hard at work. Before you leave the Quay, tour the rigging shop and pick up a souvenir at the gift shop.

  • Top Local seafood in Pictou, NS

    Where the salt of the sea meets the salt of the earth

    Go out on the water with a local fisher and experience maritime traditions while learning firsthand about the local seafood industry. Bring your appetite because you can enjoy a seafood sampler or lobster boil. Learn more about the town’s rich fishing history with a visit to the Fisheries Museum and Lobster Hatchery.

  • Top Walk thorugh history in Pictou

    Walk through history

    Discover the riverside town of New Glasgow (named after Glasgow, Scotland)—it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the port. Take a guided Living History Walking Tour and hear the intriguing stories of New Glasgows’s most prominent early settlers. Stroll the Samson Trail on the East River and stop for a scenic picnic at the Marina.

  • Top Experience Nova Scotia's Highland heritage

    Learn about ships, kilts and big ideas

    Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland so while you’re here, soak up as much culture as you can! Learn how to dance like a Scottish Highland dancer at an afternoon ceilidh, also known as a Scottish party, where you’ll experience firsthand Pictou’s strong Scottish influence.

    Walk along the Jitney Trail to McCulloch House and celebrate Thomas McCulloch, a minister from Scotland who championed new ways of thinking about education right here in Pictou.

  • Top Experience Nova Scotia's only zipline

    Live on the edge...of a zip line

    Strap on a harness and fly through the air on Nova Scotia's one and only zipline! Anchors Above Adventures will cast you out more than 240 feet above the ground for a unique and spectacular view of Pictou. As much as you want to not look down, please remember to keep your eyes open. The thrill—and the view—is worth it!

  • Top Kayak the seaside in Pictou

    Go kayaking

    Explore the seaside via kayak with Coastal Spirit Expeditions who will guide you all along the scenic coastline of the Northumberland Strait. Colonies of seals would love to entertain you as you sail along, so keep an eye out for their slippery black heads bobbing in the water.

  • Top A day at the farm in Pictou, NS

    Spend a day at the farm

    Go home with a unique story to tell friends and family after paying a visit to a working sheep farm with over 300 animals! Learn how wool is made right from the source, at Lismore Sheep Farm.

    Explore all of the interactive displays and shop a wide selection of beautifully woven local products. Hop down the road to Beach Lane Lavender Farm when you’re done and check out their locally grown varieties of lavender products.

  • Top The Museum of Industry in Stellarton, NS

    Relive the industrial revolution

    Explore the second largest museum in Atlantic Canada—The Museum of Industry in Stellarton. With more than 37,000 artefacts, this place is the size of seven hockey rinks!

    Travel from the Industrial Age to the Computer Age in this interactive museum. Then, take a stroll through town and read the many interpretive panels that will tell you about this unique community. Take a walk on one of the last surviving footbridges in North America. It’s been around since the 1800s!

  • Top

    Discover hidden treasures to take home

    Find the perfect souvenir at one of the many charming shops in Pictou County. From a huge selection of Scottish goods to wood carvings. From hand-crafted knives to home decor. You’ll find something for almost any taste, or for yourself!

  • Top

    Meet Maritime storytellers

    Go for a walk and see who you can run into. The people of Pictou will be more than happy to sit with you and tell you some stories about their home. Maritimers love visitors and they’re more than happy to boast about the beautiful region where they live and work. Even with a short conversation, you’ll be impressed by the warm, genuine nature of the residents of Atlantic Canada.

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